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The “Write” Place - MCC Writing Center
by Elmore Gail - Sunday, February 1, 2015, 9:03 PM

The Write Place – MCC Writing Center now open.  The center is located on the 3rd floor of Huskins library and this semester we are open four days a week (closed on Thursdays).  The online schedule is now open for appointments; students can access that schedule from Mitchell’s home page or at Instructors please encourage your students to make use of this resource. If anyone would like a brief classroom visit regarding the writing center, please contact me


We are looking forward to another great semester!



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Moodle Username and Password
by Nestor Emily - Monday, January 12, 2015, 9:19 AM



Student accounts are not created until one or two days before the term begins.  Student course User name = same as Web Advisor username, password = your date of birth.

For  assistance  with    Moodle    or   Google    email  copy  and  paste  in  your  personal   email  or  your   google  email  the  following  address:       


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Moodle Student Handbook
by Nestor Emily - Friday, July 18, 2014, 11:48 AM

Need help with Moodle?
Click the PDF file to view the Moodle Student Handbook.


(Edited by Elmore Gail - original submission Tuesday, 10 June 2014, 9:43 AM)

Student information - please read.......
by Elmore Gail - Wednesday, January 9, 2013, 4:02 PM

For  log in  assistance   Moodle   and   Google  email  send  an  email  to: Include your full name, user name ( go to web advisor log in screen and use links provide to obtain your user name ) and a brief description of the assistance that you need. Scroll down to see additional information.